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Welcome to the community space of the connect:transmit website! It’s a social media space for sharing ideas about community radio.

You can leave a comment on any page on this website (once you’re logged in) – but this Community space is a dedicated social space for everyone who uses this site.

This space is all about sharing. We want to encourage everyone involved in community radio to share experiences, thoughts, ideas, and concerns, as well as interesting content and links.

This space allows you to do lots of things that you might expect from a social media site (like Facebook), including:

  • share thoughts and links
  • create personal profiles and look at other people’s profiles
  • share images, links, videos, etc
  • comment on other people’s content and profile updates

How to use the community space

Social guidelines

We think it’s important that this website is a social, collaborative and fun space. So, with this in mind, we think it’s important to put some ‘ground rules’ in place. Have a look at the dos and don’ts below – and let us know if you have any suggestions for things we and others should take into consideration…


  • Do share your own experiences and thoughts
  • Do listen to other people’s ideas and perspectives, and offer your own
  • Do share content that you think other people might be interested in


  • Don’t put other people’s opinions or ideas down
  • Don’t be rude, or offensive
  • Don’t share content that may be uncomfortable for others


Technical guidelines and help

To add content to the connect:transmit site, you first need to create an account and log in. This is at the top left of any page on this site, as the screenshot below shows.


When you log in, you’ll see “Howdy [your name]” at the top right of the page. Click on this to see a dropdown menu with various options. For example, you can edit your profile – such as to change your profile pic.


You can also upload media through the same menu, as the screenshot shows. You can also review new messages, notifications, and friend requests, and change settings.


When you select ‘Activity’, you will see what people have been doing, saying and sharing.


You can post an update, which other people will see in their ‘Activity’ section. The screenshot below shows sharing a link, and including another person’s username, which will tag them (like on Twitter).


Hopefully, this brief outline has given you the basics to start sharing in this community space. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this page, or email Cormac.

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