Connect:Transmit is a project run by Radio Regen in partnership with four community radio stations, shmuFM (Aderdeen), Future Radio (Norwich), BCB (Bradford) and Preston FM.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, contact the Connect:Transmit project coordinator, Cormac Lawler, at:

Cormac Lawler
0161 234 2799

General contact details for Radio Regen are:

Radio Regen
46 Oldham Street,
Green Fish Resource Centre,
Manchester, M4 1LE


Follow Radio Regen on Twitter:

Radio Regen is a UK-based charity – Registered Charity No: 1077763

Connect Transmit is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mr Zafar Ali says:

    helping to run new local radio station have little or no experience came across your site which I must say is very helpful.

    Is there any way that we can get a question and answer session on the website

  2. I am the founder and Director of FADECO Community Radio in Karagwe, NW Tanzania. Currently, I am also chairman of the Tanzania Commuity Media Network (COMNETA). This network comprises 40 community radio stations in Tanzania.

    Capacity building of commuity radio staff is key. I have found your content on capacity building of comunityradio staff very useful. Unfortunately, here in my remote location in Karagwe, access to interet is a chalenge. I have for example failed to get to the video clips simly because the bandwidth here are very low and connection speeds very very slow.

    Is it possible that you could avail me with educational/ training materials available on your website in like a compendium or DVD. I will be happy to receive your answer. Commuity radio is different from conventional comercial aradios and we are unique But the training to us is not readily availabe. Exisiting trainers are meant for the main stream commercial radios.

    My contacts:

    Joseph Sekiku
    P.O.Box 223
    Karagwe- Kagera Region

  3. Chris says:

    Fantastic resources for people learners, volunteers and those running radio projects.

  4. We are a community radio station in NW Tanzania. We seek to partner with like minded community radio stations in the North. You are welcome please to share experiences and resources.

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