Having good ideas for shows

New ideas stimulate listener interest, but you must keep them relevant to the community and your target audience!  There is a great deal of difference between a new idea and a good idea. Ideas should be tested in a number of ways:

Ask yourself:

  • Is it entertaining and informative?
  • Does it relate to your target audience?
  • How much time is needed to prepare your show?
  • Who do you need to make your ideas work?
  •  What equipment is needed?

Creative thinking:

Start off with an idea in a bubble and then brainstorm around this idea to find a new or creative ‘take’ on this topic. For example, you could start with the idea to do a show about ‘School’, work in a group to brainstorm everything that comes into your head when this word is mentioned and, in this way, probably come up with some great, original ideas for content.

Or try reading, listening to or watching the local or national news – what topics are they talking about around schools? Are these interesting to a young audience? What would you like to hear more about on the radio? Remember, as a young person you have a unique perspective that is not often heard on the airwaves.