Introduction to making radio

This section is to help you think about what you need to put a good radio programme or package together. From doing preparatory research to thinking about diversity and voice, this should give you practical tips to help you to make good radio!


To get started thinking about making radio, listen to this short evaluation by a group of students in Archbishop Temple School, Preston, of a Christmas radio show they had just put together (alternative link here):


Making authentic radio, and finding your voice

Here’s an introduction on what makes authentic community radio – including the importance of finding your voice and identifying what you bring to both the station, and to the community.


Here’s another take on a similar theme – the importance of finding your own voice, playing to your interests, and being aware of what people around you are talking about:


Making radio tips

Listen to the following four brief tips about writing for radio (from Mediatrust):



Finally, this short video, from a radio producer who produces content for the BBC gives a useful initial insight into making radio. If the embedded video doesn’t work on this page, you can access it here.