Safeguarding is the practice of ensuring that the people you work with are kept safe – i.e. that they aren’t subjected to any harm or maltreatment. Good safeguarding practice also aims to ensure that people – particularly the vulnerable, such as children or adults with learning disabilities – are sufficiently supported to have positive and enriching experiences.

Safe Network have a wide range of useful resources for safeguarding – including the following two videos. The first is from the perspective of children, and the second looks at national safeguarding standards and what organisations can and should do to ensure they comply with current safeguarding regulations.


Embedding good safeguarding practice in your organisation

In another video for staff and volunteers, Safe Network set out a number of principles and processes to have in mind, or place:

Having a named responsible person

  • Someone who the young person (for example) can go to, to flag up a concern or problem
  • Ensures that someone in the organisation is taking responsibility

Employing the right person

  • Asking questions at interview stage to see why the person wants to work with children
  • Doing background checks – main process being DBS (previously CRB) checks
  • Following up references – possibly by phone

Written code of behaviour

  • Guidelines for staff and volunteers to make clear what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

Regular training

  • Send staff on training courses
  • Share information from these courses to other staff and volunteers

Arrangements for outings and events

  • Contacting parents and getting consent
  • Conducting a risk assessment prior to activity/event
  • Ensuring responsible adults know what their responsibilities are

The video concludes with the advice to give young people the best possible environment for their activity. If young people feel safe, you will get the best out of them, and they will make the most of the activity.


More safeguarding resources and links

Safeguarding resources for community groups – by Safe Network

Are they safe? – comprehensive handbook by Safe Network (requires login)

Safeguarding self-assessment tool – check whether your organisation meets the recommended standards of safeguarding

Children England – give support to voluntary sector organisations who work with children

NSPCC – resources for organisations working with children, including research & factsheets

Internet Matters – resources for keeping children safe online

ThinkUKnow – resources broken down by age group, or youth-supporting role

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